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Spot Gloss Business Cards | Gloss Highlights | Matt & Velvet Finish

Buy now your Spot Gloss Business Cards, The Glossy business cards will enumerate shiny to your business brand with a spot gloss finish on both side of card. Certain additional features of the design are glossy to add a nice layer of depth.



Increase Your Business Using Matt Laminated Business Cards Printing

Matt laminated cards and other business card types are crucial when getting yourself into an enterprise. These cards present your business to clients and investors. Listed below are the various variations you may use with regards to design and function. Matt Laminated Business Cards from After Hours Creative Studio are available in 450gsm. Our matt laminated cards are best and affordable through out UK. Many businesses also have added more a lot more layouts into their offers. These innovations honed outline and design further. Some firms even produce square cards, diverging from conventional rectangle types. These types of four-sided printed business cards are useful to get and may get discussions progressing. Utilizing such cards might have prospective clients considering your creativity. This could be something very useful, especially if you are involved in fashion design, arts or some other tasks needing creativity. Matt laminated cards are particular from glossy types. These printed cards don’t have extremely glossy surface, but nonetheless provides identical safety from dampness or wrinkles. Such printed business cards won’t simply crease due to its laminated covering. The cover also repels liquids that might ruin the card easily. Numerous entrepreneurs choose this cover finish since it is simple and elegant.


Beautiful Creative Printing Gold Foil Business Cards Service

Best Online Services of Business Cards with special offers and discounts. Our experts deliver innovative and wide range of printed on 450gsm business cards at affordable price. We also provide special offers at selected business card stocks. The custom Gold Satin Foil Triplex Business Cards on the front works beautifully with card colour and triplex business cards comes with various color of premium card stocks. We offer various unique printing features such as foil stamping, gold foil and letterpress printing.


Business Cards gives the best impression on your Company and make your business cards stand out, but the foil business cards are among one of best. There are many unique ways to design business cards. Nowadays, every business uses business cards. The Business Cards are very important marketing tools for boost your business.


If you want design your business cards unique and special so using a foil stamped design with extra effect. Gold Foil Business Cards is available lots of color in addition full printed color with a shiny look. The quality of the card totally depends on the accentuated with your design foil blocked in metallic gold foil design. Our Metallic Foil Business Cards are printed Single or Double sided color print on 450gsm silk card. These types of business cards are an attractive option for any type of business.

Gold Foil Business Cards

Make It Different your Letterpress Cotton Business Cards

Business Cards designs or lettering are known as embossed business cards. They look like very classy and have a natural ability to outstanding due to lots of differences and appearance to feel.  Letterpress printing is considered most of the oldest forms of printing cards and others materials. These types of printing still look for cards with a classic appeal. If you want better business cards that look stand out for their simplicity, elegance and gorgeousness, letterpress cotton printing is one of the best top quality printing cards.

After Hours Creative Studio is a highly creative company providing the unique designs and high-quality business card printing services at reasonable price. The Company is located in Bude, UK and provides services worldwide to their customers. It has fully expert designers whose provide the Letterpress Cotton Business Cards printing on 600gsm uncoated pearl white cotton card in cheap quality prices. It makes a very different style like letterpress ink printing and foil blocking and provides great discounts for multiple sets of cards order. Online cards service also available. Contact them for Letterpress Cotton Business Cards and for any other print and design needs.