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How Velvet Laminated Business Cards Promote Your Business

Marketing play an important role to promote any business. There are basically two types of marketing one is the online marketing and another one is offline marketing. Both are the best way to promote or advertise your business in their own way.

But, we are here talking about how to promote your business in offline marketing. Offline marketing strategies utilizes offline media channels to create awareness of a company’s products and services. These campaigns can include radio and print advertising like business cards, television etc.

The business card is the one of the offline marketing technique in which we can directly approach our business services by hand to hand. A business card displays our business logo, address and services in just a single card and we can easily put up in a pocket. There are various types of business cards like Luxury Business Cards, Matt Laminated Business Cards,  Gold Foil Business Cards, Velvet Laminated Business Cards are available in your budget range.

A business card is not only the identity of your business or organization, but it also describes your business services in just a short words. And also put a great expression by hand to hand.





Impressive Cotton Business Cards with Unique Look

Many people confuse at the beginning of new business that how they advertise business with low cost. The other traditional way to advertise your business is business cards but, today they are also not effective if your business cards not well designed or looking luxury. After Hours 100% cotton Business Cards are for those who looking for an earth friendly paper and don’t want to sacrifice with card quality.  These Cotton Business Cards come with letterpress printing, wild letterpress printing on 600gsm luxury thick cotton card. After Hours cotton cards can also come with foil stamping with metallic gold, metallic silver and holographic silver foil. Our cotton cards can also be foil stamped with holographic silver, metallic gold and  metallic silver foils. After hours combines the all to make a unique and luxury business cards.



letterpress 600gsm cotton

Luxurious Matt Laminated Business Cards with silk printed on 450gsm

Many people confuse at the beginning of new business that how they advertise business with low cost.  The other traditional way to advertise your business is business cards but, today they are also not effective if your business cards not well designed or looking luxury. After hours creative studio designer try to solve this problem at low cost. After hours designer design many different types of luxury business cards like Matt Laminated Business Cards, Spot Gloss Business Cards, Letterpress Business Cards, Gold Foil Business Cards and many more. You can choose one of them to start your business advertisement. Our designers are perfect for create any types of business cards design and providing best printing business services for customers. These laminated cards are available from After Hours Creative Studio with 450gsm. Our matt laminated cards are best and affordable through out UK.

Matt Lamination Business Cards





A Stunning Collection of Letterpress Cotton Business Cards Design

Today, All business market is so competitive and every business man try to make good relation with their client and business partner. so for that business owner use different kind of online, offline ways but from all of that luxury and unique business card are the best way to improve business. They are one of the major creative form of luxury business cards. Letterpress Cotton Business Cards are printed on luxury thick 600gsm and they are 100% cotton cards.They are used along with vintage letterpress printing and hot foil stamping. They are believed to be an ideal stock for debossing. They are produced on thick 600gsm cotton stock and is idle for debossing due to it’s thickness and texture. They provide number of different textures and designs and their creativity is perfect. We then gently embed the ink into the card stock using a vintage letterpress. They represent luxury and professionalism. These business cards are printed on luxury thick 100% cotton card. Among these business cards we have two types: Letterpress Business Cards and Wild  Letterpress Business Cards.




50% off Online Sale Luxury Spot Uv Business Cards Printing

After hours creative studio offers latest collection of spot gloss business cards with rainbow silver foil effects. This 450gsm silk cards printed with popular letterpress printing. After that hot foil stamping use to insert the luxury foil into the pressed letter. Rainbow effects develop just because off matt or velvet lamination with hot foil stamping. This page shows you some of most luxurious high-end business cards. These cards created using foils, luxury card stocks, full-colour printing, and letterpress printing. In market there are a variety of printing techniques available for consumers who want to setting their printed products apart from the ordinary products. In these wide variety one of the most popular printing technique with high impact, affordability, and versatility is Spot Gloss Business Cards printing. Standard clear gloss and rainbow Spot Uv Business Cards with spot UV effect (gloss highlights) and Matt velvet lamination will add luxury feel to your business. This technique creates a eye catching striking contrast between the luxury matt or velvet lamination. Our designers also offer standard clear gloss and unique rainbow spot gloss and spot uv effect on these cards.Our designers also offers special color effects which change according to light these cards may appear clear, several shades of one or more colors.

Rainbow Spot Gloss Business Cards


Spot Gloss Business Cards

Experts Provide Top High Quality Luxury Business Cards Collection

Business cards are the most effective and cheap way to grow any kind of business. Here we are going to show you Top Most Beautiful Luxury Business Cards from after hours creative studio.

1. Matt Laminated Business Cards: Luxury and soft touch lamination on 450gsm business cards. After hours Offer these Matt Laminated Business Cards with a require multiple sets of printed on 450gsm cards using hot foil stamping.


2. Velvet Lamination Business Cards: These Velvet Laminated Business Cards provides a luxurious feel and soft touch matt finish. They are printed full color on both sides at 450gsm card with Velvet Lamination. These professionally designed business cards are available at discounted price.


3. Spot Gloss Business Cards: Awesome collection of Cheap Spot Gloss Business Cards with matt and velvet lamination add a luxury feel to business. Standard clear gloss and rainbow spot gloss with spot UV effect create striking contrast between gloss highlights and matt/velvet finish.


Increase Your Business Using Matt Laminated Business Cards Printing

Matt laminated cards and other business card types are crucial when getting yourself into an enterprise. These cards present your business to clients and investors. Listed below are the various variations you may use with regards to design and function. Matt Laminated Business Cards from After Hours Creative Studio are available in 450gsm. Our matt laminated cards are best and affordable through out UK. Many businesses also have added more a lot more layouts into their offers. These innovations honed outline and design further. Some firms even produce square cards, diverging from conventional rectangle types. These types of four-sided printed business cards are useful to get and may get discussions progressing. Utilizing such cards might have prospective clients considering your creativity. This could be something very useful, especially if you are involved in fashion design, arts or some other tasks needing creativity. Matt laminated cards are particular from glossy types. These printed cards don’t have extremely glossy surface, but nonetheless provides identical safety from dampness or wrinkles. Such printed business cards won’t simply crease due to its laminated covering. The cover also repels liquids that might ruin the card easily. Numerous entrepreneurs choose this cover finish since it is simple and elegant.


Need High Quality Luxury Business Cards Design Services

High quality business cards are the foundation of any great business. Anyone could start a “good” business, but without the basic marketing tools of things like full color printing, for flyers and Bulletins, and cheap leaflet printing for door to door type sales, your business will cease to be great. It’s all about keeping in touch with your clients and without any kind of printing services, nobody will know who you are. For our Luxury Business Cards, we start with a soft touch lamination  which feels like the skin of a fresh peach. Business cards include all 50 beautiful card of colours. As far as promoting your business, any kind of printing service is an absolute necessity. While it may not seem like a big step forward, and yes, the internet is a huge platform for marketing, nothing can compare with your own personal creativity as far as outdoor marketing. Outdoor marketing meaning the basic biz cards, leaflets, and printed materials.


Full colour printing, in contrast to basic black and white printing, is the base that any small business needs to start out. Just think about it, if you have a business card that is laying around your house that’s printed in black and white, you are simply less likely to look use it as opposed to the business card that is mostly black with big golden letters on the front. It simply sticks out more.

Luxury Business Cards



Attractive Collection Spot Uv Business Cards High Quality Printing

These days UV coated cards are much into use. The glossy UV coat is applied like all other inks, which gives your card an attractive appearance. Silk is a laminated card stock that imparts a silky smooth texture to the card’s surface. These cards finish is matte and the lamination makes the card very strong and durable. Spot UV cards is gaining popularity in the UV business because of the attractive appearance and cost effectiveness. Spot UV Business Cards relatively new treatment process that has mostly taken over the raised print business. In UV spot, the card customer decides where on the card he would like a gloss to be applied. These cards gives a different shade to the card from the rest of the area. We offer these UV cards in unbelievable quality.

Spot Gloss Business Cards
Spot Gloss Business cards


Choose the Best Paper For Your Letterpress Cotton Business Cards

Almost all of letterpress business cards are created on cotton, or a mix of cotton and pulp card stocks. An equivalent process to foil blocking can be used but without the addition of temperature. Metal dies are covered with letterpress ink, and are then applied to the card stock using pressure which frequently provides a nice debossed effect at the same time. This process is often used on heavier card stock that cannot be replicated by means of CMYK colors on a standard printing press. Special multiple sets of cards 600gsm uncoated pearl  white cotton card use paper high quality Letterpress Cotton Business Cards with colour printing debossed hairy glossy texture. Use pure cotton, soft and gentle, elegant and superlatively thick. The finished result will exude elegance and pure class. Additional choices include metallic inks, combining letterpress inks and metallic foils and adding painted edges to the business cards.


letterpress 600gsm cotton