Creating Simply a Colorplan Duplex Business Cards

Are you looking for the best Colorplan business cards online? Nowadays, different types of business cards available for your business needs, and it is important to figure out which type best fits you and your company. Business cards are reprehensive of your offering to your customers. Here is some important thing which your card look a standard.

  • Standard Size of Business Cards
  • Perfect Round Corners
  • Square Size
  • Quality and quantity
  • Foil Color (Back & Front)


After Hours Creative offering you perfect designs and different styles of business cards that can between before starting your design. Colorplan Business Card colours to be duplexed back to back. Each card color is 350gsm creating a luxury 700gsm thick two colored cards with 2 colored edges. After Hours Creative Studio provides online 15 foil colours. If you want a Colorplan Business Card so you can also give online order or make a call (012) 88 352723 on this number. Email us For more different style of business cards please visit  Our Website and choose different styles of Business Cards.


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