Silk Laminated Business cards with Spot Gloss

The Surface of your business cards can be applied to the spot gloss, creating a silky layer in your design on top of the printed artwork. The business cards allow you to direct attention to the important aspects of your printed design and create a suitable design that can reflect your business. There are multiple varieties of printing cards and techniques also available for consumers. Spot Gloss is one of the most affordable, versatile and very high impact printing cards. It is a coating technique for materials and printed full color on 450gsm silk card. Spot Gloss Business cards have a choice of multiple laminations (matt or velvet).

The specific area of business cards may appear clear or depending on the light. There is choose one color of several shades and the full rainbow effect on a blend of a few colors. The charges will depend on the quantity of Spot Gloss Business Cards.  If you need multiple sets of business cards for different people, so call us 01288 352723 or Email us  


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