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Affordable Letterpress Business Cards on 35% Cotton Card

On business cards 35% cotton stock is better than 100% cotton stock as cost effective and also still ideal for letterpress and foil stamping printing. Affordable letterpress business cards are printed on 450gsm uncoated wild card. Cotton stock is also called wild which have more texture space compared to 100% cotton card.


Letterpress business cards are really awesome idea for those who looking to print business cards for their new business. These cards are very good for their look and design and also available in affordable range. You can choose a design for your cards from thousands of design templates.



Role of Business Cards In Marketing

Marketing is the way to promote your business in your target area or advertise your business services. There are various ways to promote your business as your budget. Basically marketing has two types: online marketing and offline marketing.

We are here talking about offline marketing. In offline marketing we promote our business services in a direct way by Business cards, posters, newspaper ads, etc. In these methods we can easily deliver our business services to customers in every location with minimum cost.


Business cards are a small piece of paper designed by printing company and represent our business. These cards are playing a very essential role to represent business services hand to hand. There are various types or business cards are available online luxury business cards, colorplan business cards, matt laminated business cards etc.


Every business card is unique in itself and different design each. These cards are available very easily and in our budget as compared to online marketing. Now a day’s people are interested in keeping business cards to promote their business. We can easily put up cards in our pocket and delivered everywhere at anytime. Finally, we can say that business cards play an important role to promote our business.

Best Way to Promote Your Business

There is two types of marketing, one is Online and second one is off line. Online marketing includes the SEO (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) etc and Offline marketing includes newspaper ad, posters, Business cards etc.

Both are the marketing used for promoting your business services across your country. But, Offline market is the best way to promote your business circle. In this we can direct represent our business hand to hand. For example business cards are a small piece of paper which represents your all business profile in the absence of you.

You can direct promote or advertise your business depends upon your budget. There are various places where some peoples can’t browse the internet. In those places you can easily advertise your business through posters or Business cards.


Business cards are easily put in your pocket and they are easily representing your business services. There are lots of business cards designs available online and you can easily pick up one of your favorite design and print them.

In conclusion, we can say that Offline marketing is strong as compared to Online marketing as per cost and profit.

Gold Foil Business Cards Printing Service

Gold foil business cards are printed on both of the double side on 450gsm silk card. After this we can choose a gold foil stamped on front or back of our cards.

Basically hot foil stamping applies metallic and special effect foils to print literature by using pressure and heat. Because of foiling effects, adding foil to marketing literature ensures a luxury, high-end impression. There are some special effect foils such as holographic silver, which are changing colour to diffract light across the colour spectrum.


For multiple sets of cards you can contact with your artwork so that we can organize the most competitive price. We ship our luxury business cards worldwide.